The Great Lakes Falconers Association (GLFA) was founded in 1962 by a handful of local Illinois falconers. GLFA is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to our native birds of prey and to the sport of falconry. Our officers draw no salaries and we operate on volunteer energy.

GLFA is very active in falconry legislative efforts at not only the state level but also in cities and municipalities across Illinois. Our club sponsors picnics, flight demos, a game dinner and group hunting parties. We are involved in educating the public by manning booths at fairs, conducting lectures for interested groups such as scouts,bird groups, schools, or others. We accept interviews for news publications and magazines in order to educate people about falconry. All GLFA activities are family oriented, as many families are directly involved in the sport of falconry.

For newcomers serious about the sport, GLFA offers much in the way of assistance to the education needed, the equipment required and through our club sponsored activities, an opportunity to meet and mingle with other falconers who may be open to sponsorship. Please check the Links page for more information.

GLFA has supported the Chicago Peregrine Release program and in 1988 donated a Peregrine Falcon named Jess-A-Belle in the hope that someday there would be a sustainable wild population of birds breeding right here in the Chicagoland area and she would be one of them. She has since raised a number of downtown Peregrines!.

We are affiliated with the Wild Raptor Take Conservancy (WRTC).

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