How to Make Photo Essay about Predatory Birds

There are a lot of types of college assignments that a student can receive. A photo essay is one of them. In case you don’t know how to create an article on birds, this post is for you.

What is a Photo Essay?

A photo essay is a type of college paper that implies images and text. This combination helps to engage a reader and evoke emotions. In other words, it is a narrative story that supplements with photos to enclose a topic in more detail.

Guideline on Photo Essay Creation

If you know nothing on how to create a cutting-edge photo essay about predatory birds, follow the guide below. If you don’t want to take a deep dive into the world of storytelling, you can always order an essay online. Feel free to use SpeedyPaper coupon codes to order a paper at a leading assignment writing platform for really cheap.


Always start from researching if you’re not an experienced ornithologist. Surf the Internet to learn more about predatory birds. Also, feel free to explore paper books about birds, if you have some.

Create an Outline

Start creating an outline right after finishing your research. Create a list of predatory birds that you want to overview, write a title, and make some notes in your essay on birds in English. All these will help you to write an essay quickly and easily.

Collect Predatory Birds Photos

The crucial component of a photo essay is shots of the birds from your list. Unfortunately, if you live in an urban area, it’s almost impossible to take a shot of a predatory bird. In this case, feel free to replace birds photography with downloading photos from the Internet. Try to avoid using pictures with watermarks or images with low resolution. Also, make the dimension of all the images equal.

Start Writing

When you have an essay outline, and all the photos, start writing a paper about predatory birds. Note that a photo essay should have a particular structure.
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A: Write Introduction

Don’t begin an essay reviewing birds one by one. You have to engage a reader in the first paragraph. Share an interesting fact about predatory birds or strike a reader with the mind-blowing statistics.

B: Write your Story

After this, place all the images one-by-one and start creating a short description of each bird. An outline will help to start writing an essay without any problems. Don’t add a set of photos for each bird separately. One image for one bird is enough.

C: Create Outcome

After writing about the last predatory bird in your essay, you need to create a compelling conclusion. Feel free to write about the common characteristics of all the birds from your paper.
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Newer submit a college paper without thorough proofread. Therefore, please don’t be shy to double-check your essay by using online services for writers and read it multiple times.

Final Thoughts

Writing an essay about predatory birds seems like a complicated task. However, if you follow the instruction, it is easy and effortless. However, it may be time-consuming. Due to this, always manage your time correctly, and don’t forget to do short breaks to refresh your mind.