Welcome to the Northern Illinois Raptor Center

We are a charitable 501(c)3 organization that was formed to bring together the different groups of specialists in the area of birds of prey. These groups of specialists consist of veternarians, falconers, rehabilitators and conservation organizations working in the areas of Education, Conservation, Research, Veterinary Medicine, and Falconry.

Our Mission

To ensure the health of raptors and the community we share through education, research and conservation.

About Us





The Northern Illinois Raptor Center was started to make sure we maintain and protect our raptor population. Raptors are like "The Ferrari" of nature and require highly skilled experts to handle and treat these birds. We want to make these skills freely available to preserve the raptor population and educate the public on the important role these animals play in the ballance of mother nature.


What We Do?

Preserve Raptor Population

We provide education to the public by means of training and flight programs. And we provide services to the different specialty areas that work to preserve raptors in the wild and work towards raptor conservation. To keep our knowledgebase up to date we work with universities and leading raptor research facilities with whom we collaborate and do research projects. The multiple areas’ we mostly work in and with are:

  • Education
  • Conservation
  • Falconry
  • Rehabilitation
  • Research

Please, select one of the areas for additional information.



Our Team


Our team consistes of great varierty of experts in the fireld. We cover all aspects to make sure we can deliver the most accurate and precise knowledge required to handle these birds.